Clubs & Societies

This is a new Club and our players are still learning. The aim is to have club members enjoy the game at both social and competition level. The hope is that soon we shall be able to arrange tournaments with other schools.


The Chess Club comprises thirty girls in both the junior and senior categories. Most tournaments and league matches are organised by the Bulawayo Schools Chess Association, and the school participates in most of them. As a result, the girls have done very well as their confidence keeps improving. A number of them have been selected for the Provincial teams. In the Girls League, Convent High School is the current leaders.


We are a group of young vibrant girls who intend to fill the atmosphere with harmonious Christian melodies.

We started singing in August 2010 having transformed from the Vernacular Choir. We emphasize diversity and incorporate all worlds by singing in all languages. We also encourage other musical talents and this year we have a pianist.

We have made presentations at assembly and we hope to continue doing so. We also hope to interact with other schools. We want people to enjoy the diverse musical culture in our country.


This is a group of 25 young Christians of all denominations who aim to acquire a deeper spiritual growth and sensitivity to the needs of the times. Our spirituality is based on the life of St Ignatius of Loyola and is of Marian origin, recognized worldwide. In our meetings we pray together, review our life experiences so as to note the Lord's presence day by day, and share and meditate upon scripture. We conduct our meetings with the help of the CLC Youth booklet. In the last two years the Group has grown. We have managed, through the combined efforts of our executive, guide, and the larger CLC group in Bulawayo, to increase our membership, acquire recognition as a Club in the school, and outreach so as to continue enriching ourselves spiritually.

We also managed:

  • To send two representatives and our group guide to the National Youth Assembly in Chishawasha.
  • to attend the CLC World Day of Prayer at Minda High School;
  • to send our group guide for formal training;
  • To donate sweets and clothing to pupils at our adopted school, Sontala.

We have also attended Retreats, Recollections and various Ignatian spirituality workshops. We hope to continue to grow in membership, and reach out further within and outside our school so as to increase spirituality among the youth, and to give community service. We also plan to be part of the organizing team for the upcoming National Youth Assembly which will be held in Maphisa this year.


Over the years the students have had an opportunity to learn various hand and needle crafts. These include macrame, crochet, candle wicking, black work, cross stitch, knitting, bead and sequin work and simple jewellery making.


The aim of the Culture Club is to preserve various cultures and to appreciate each other in life since we are from different backgrounds. A variety of customs, beliefs and modern issues are discussed. Traditional songs and dances are performed. One of the highlights of the Club was Africa Day 2010 when it hosted a Food Fiesta, and traditional dishes were served. The vision is to visit cultural sites, such as the Matobo Hills, and to interact with other schools and clubs such as Amakhosi. This will enable our members to promote culture, and to encourage the general populace of the school to be proud of its identity.


What is Current Affairs?

It is a Club consisting of students who focus on issues affecting the society, both good and bad, for the development of an alert person who can contribute meaningfully to the development of society.

What does it stand for?

  • creates an alert person on issues affecting society
  • a person who has a heart for the poor and needy
  • to develop a sense of appreciation for other people's rights
  • carry out research on problems affecting society and suggest solutions.


  • debating on issues around us, e.g. elections, democracy
  • research on problematic issues in society and suggest solutions
  • going over to help the needy in society
  • have social gatherings and share ideas on how to develop ourselves academically, socially
  • participate in development, cleaning of our environment, encourage young people to become vibrant and work for a better future
  • Fund-raising activities to help the needy.


  • Investigate news, events, happening globally
  • Help broaden thinking capacity and analysis
  • Increase awareness of problems affecting the community and suggest solutions to that Improve interaction
  • Widen our knowledge of prospects ahead so as to make informed decisions about our careers
  • To develop our analytic mind
  • Help broaden our thinking capacity and analysis through discussions and debates on issues pertaining to society around us and the world at large
  • To give young people a platform to participate and develop their country and to create a foundation for their future lives.


The society is an interactive club that allows members to air their views on issues that affect our everyday world. The Debating Society has participated in a number of leagues, namely; Innscor, National Youth Development Trust (NYDT), Pan-African Debating Championships and Environmental Management Agency (EMA). The girls have been victorious in the Innscor and NYDT leagues which resulted in some of them representing Zimbabwe at the IDEA in the Netherlands. Ideally, our society has plans to start a league of its own, bringing all societies together and contributing to making debating more widely appreciated.


The Drama Club, with a total membership of around 70 girls, is divided into two groups the junior section (50 enthusiastic amateurs), and a smaller number of spirited and focused members in the senior section. The major aim of the Club is to open up the world of acting to the girls, wherein some may recognize their talents and begin to nurture them earnestly. All our activities are carried out in a spirit of fun and enjoyment. The Club also exposes the pupils to the other complementary aspects of drama: directing, script-writing, prop setting, make-up and costume design. One of our challenges is to access costumes suitable for the more modern plays.


This is a Club that seeks to educate students about their rights. The Convent Human Rights Club was founded in 2006 and was the first Human Rights Club in Bulawayo, and has played a pivotal role in the growth of this Club through the generous assistance of several local lawyers. The main purposes is to inform Club members who may, in future, become human rights defenders, and are able to conscientize people on their rights. There are 3 divisions in the Club debate, research and drama. The Club has recorded significant growth over the past 6 years, and members have grown intellectually by attending Camps organized by our lawyer mentors, and in 2010 we won the Human Rights Club Debate Competition. Our vision is to create an individual who knows their rights and is able to stand up for them without violating the next person's right.


Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people between the ages of 14 to 18.Interact gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects. Through their service activities, Interactors learn the importance of:

  • Developing leadership skills and personal integrity.
  • Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others.
  • Understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work.
  • Advancing international understanding and good will

'Service above self' is Rotary's motto and guiding principle, which has also been adopted by the Convent Interact Club. The Club's service projects are designed to improve the quality of life. For the Rotary year ending June 2010, the Dominican Convent Interact Club was presented with a Certificate for the best Interact Club in Bulawayo, and Mrs. Jogee was given the 'Patron of the Year' award.

View the report of our visit to Home of Peace
View the report of our visit to St Martin de Porres Catholic Church & Nursery


The International Climate Champions is a British Council initiative aimed at educating people on the effects of global warming and on how best these effects can be alleviated. We have held a number of clean-up campaigns, and donated rubbish bins to the City Council, reinforcing the need to keep our city clean as this is not only beneficial to our health but to our environment. In Centenary Park we held a tree-planting and clean-up day, when we invited other schools to join us; trees were also donated to schools around Bulawayo. A paper re-cycling project is ongoing in our school. It is through these projects that we have been taught the value of the environment and that we must take care of it, not only for ourselves but for future generations. We intend to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle in our fight against global warming.


The functions of the Library Club are to be of service to the school by:

  • processing our books
  • for members to learn how a library works
  • To just have fun and enjoy reading, by sharing reports on enjoyable books.

At the moment we have about one thousand new books to process. We are also engaged in "re-vamping" by clearing out old, seldom-read books so that the new books can take their places on the shelves. The aim is to develop a Library of which the school can be proud.


The Quiz and Public Speaking Club is an informative and new initiative aiming to widen the general knowledge base of its members in an interesting way. The Club is thriving and current membership is about 30 students from Form 1 to Lower 6. New members learn the value of team work. The Club aims to broaden our horizons through general knowledge quizzing, and has recently added the option of public speaking. Members are helped to strengthen their grip on history and current affairs while developing research skills, and to sharpen their skills in quick thinking by answering quiz questions within a time limit. The ability to articulate is pivotal at home, church, work, and in the community. Public speaking teaches members how to speak eloquently to large groups of people.


Who are we?

Rocappela is a group of young ladies from the high school who are excited and passionate about God and singing Acapella, glorifying God through song. It started in March 2009, being coached by Mr. T. Chitsaka. The club is assisted by the patrons, Ms G. Greenland and Mrs. Msitini. Currently, the group consists of 30 girls from all forms.

In February 2011, Rocapella won the Shalom Acapella Schools' Competition and brought home the Winner's shield and vouchers from the sponsors.


The Science Club is a club that allows students freedom scientifically. We are given the floor to design and carry out projects which are entered for competitors, and some are presented to the school. Sometimes the members are given an opportunity to tour big companies and pharmacies in Bulawayo. Such tours are very mind-opening and enable us to widen our knowledge. The club aims to:

  • Tame the scientifically inquisitive and innovative mind, and satisfy the min's thirst for knowledge and understanding of science.
  • To encourage individuals to think out of the box and be creative.
  • 3 Allow individuality but at the same time encourage teamwork, as one can design a project and involve all the Club members in carrying it out.


Speakers Circle is one of the oldest and most prominent clubs running at the Dominican Convent High School, Bulawayo. As it is a member of the International Toastmasters Society, it aims at grooming young people to be able to speak with eloquence and confidence, and to have the ability to think on their feet producing cerebral contributions in a formal or work situation.

In the Speakers Circle club we discuss matters, past present and future that affect our society. Other issues discussed include etiquette and general social manners.

Annually our club hosts a tea where we invite various Toastmasters Society members from different schools, their patrons and a few members of staff. In relation to a particular theme, we discuss debate and deliberate matters pertaining to this theme.

"A great mind speaks with more ease and more composure."


The school has been fortunate to have a qualified teacher coming in to teach yoga. The size of the group varies and over the years it has dropped from 30 plus to about fifteen.


We are the farming Club of the school, and aim to train the members in excellent basic farming skills. Emphasis is placed on market gardening at present, and we grow various kinds of vegetables with which we supply the Home Economics Department and the staff of the school. Our dream is to expand into Poultry farming, and to supply the school- and the people of Bulawayo with chickens and eggs. There are currently 15 girls and 4 staff members of the Club


The Young Writers is a small Club which aims to equip the members with writing skills, and to train them to mature into good writers of today and tomorrow. The Club hosted a social event earlier this year, inviting students from different schools and backgrounds to share ideas on how to compile a school magazine. In the near future we hope to diversify into various forms of writing, poetry, song, short story and play writing. We also hope that we will be able to incorporate writing in other languages such as Ndebele, Shona and French. The Club is currently working on compiling a School Magazine which will entertain, educate, and give reports of past and forthcoming events.